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Amity Flow has served the flow measurement industry since 1973 and built a solid reputation for technical expertise and leadership as well as design and technology innovations. We produce Amity Venturi Meters designed with state-of-the-art technology in order to minimize pressure loss and achieve unique wide-range metering accuracy. We have global supplier contracts with Dow Chemicals and Air Products. We were awarded a global contract with Air Products in 2010 after only two years of business. We are aligned with R.W. Miller, recognized as the industry’s leading flow engineer.

Amity Segmental Wedge Meter

Flow Meters & Nozzles

Serving the flow measurement industry since 1973

venturi flow meters

Amity Flow specializes in the design, engineering and production of Venturi Meters, developed based on R.W. Miller and ASME Designs.

Venturi Meters

Segmental Wedge Meters

Amity Flow manufacturers Wedge Meters for slurries and particulate laden flows.

Wedge Meters

Standard Flow Meters

Amity produces orifice plates, meter runs, nozzles and PTC-6.

Flow Meters

Amity Computation Module

All Amity Venturi Meters are designed using the Amity Computation Module within The Flow Consultant™ software. This module was developed by R.W. Miller exclusively for Amity Flow.

The Amity Computation Module computes pressure and temperature factors in accordance with ASME, ISO standards and the equations detailed in the Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook by R.W. Miller. This module is forward compatible and will accommodate future changes in calibration and standards. In addition to the creation of our standard production, this module allows Amity Flow to efficiently design solutions for specific customer requirements.

For more information on The Flow Consultant™, please visit R.W. Miller & Associates, Inc.

Amity Computation Module

Design & Innovation

  • Engineering

    100% in-house manufacturing
    Tolerances of +/-.001
    Up to 6500 psi Flow metering standards
    Piping codes
    Materials expertise
    Accuracy and repeatability
    Modern machining techniques
    Total quality management

  • Calibration Report

    One tap set on each of two 10" Venturi Meters were calibrated at the Alden Research Laboratories, Inc (Alden) for Amity Flow using Alden's standard test procedures, QMS-01, Revision 3. Analysis indicates that the flow measurement uncertainty is within 0.2% of the true value for each test run.

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