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The Amity Flow designs and builds venturi meters that perform to the fabrication and calibration requirements of the ASME PTC throat tap nozzle design (ASME-PTC-6, 1996). The Code requires nozzle discharge coefficient calibration results meet tight specifications for average value and rate of change with throat Reynolds number. This code is used for high accuracy performance tests of ASME PTC-6 flow meters in nuclear power plants. The ASME PTC-6 flow meter may also be used for testing of steam turbines operating either with a significant amount of superheat in the initial steam (typically fossil-fueled units) or predominantly within the moisture region (typically nuclear-fueled units).


The first, project name S-Design, has a cylindrical radius inlet geometry. The entrance to the PTC-6 throat section is critical to insure boundary layer development length is in accordance with the PTC-6 theoretical extrapolation requirement (Keyser and Murdock, 1990). AMITY S-design use an inlet geometry of the Standardized Torodial Throat Nozzle (ASME/ANSI MFC-7M, 1990), extensive data and CFD studies show excellent entrance to the throat results for this geometry.

S-Deisgn Model Chart
T-Deisgn Model Chart


The T-Design Amity PTC-6 flow meter, uses a Halmi double cone entrance with a unique cone angles and a throat entrance developed based on test results in Holland (Miller 1989), with confirming CFD studies.

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