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Venturi Meter Design

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After nearly four decades of manufacturing custom venturi meters for the trade, Amity Flow now services customers directly. Amity Flow brings these 38 years of experience to every venturi meter design project. To enhance the quality and accuracy of our venturi meter designs, we have been working directly with R. W. Miller. Dr. Miller developed exclusively for Amity Flow the Amity Computation Module within The Flow Consultant™ software.

Amity Computation Module

The Amity Computation Module computes pressure and temperature factor in accordance with ASME, ISO standards and the equations detailed in the Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook by R.W. Miller. This module is forward compatible and will accommodate future changes in calibration and standards. The computation module allows Amity Flow to efficiently design solutions for specific customer venturi design requirements.

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Discharge Coefficient vs. Throat Reynolds Number Chart
Venturi Meter Designs

Venturi Design

Our design enables us preform all tasks

Size and Compute dimensions in the same software

Specialized designs to fit application can be designed based on fluid mechanics a CFD (computational fluid dynamics)

Develop and check AMITY module equations using Math Cad and CFD AMITY program

Compute all dimensions based on pressure and temperature corrections presented in Miller Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook (GENERIC SOLUTION pg 9.107-9.117 3rd Edition)

Develop the AMITY software module to accommodate other meter designs such as the Wedge meter, Eccentric Venturies, etc.

Offers the ability to set the length of the meter to installation requirements

Easily and timely add user inputs and requirements to module.

Continually update discharge coefficient equations based on newly obtained laboratory data.

Ned with Venturi Meters

Our program uses customer specific line conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and fluid properties, to design the most accurate meter in their flowing conditions, line size, and materials.

Every venturi tube design is specific for the customer application. The program is based on scaled equations with pre installed fluid and material properties providing repeatability.

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