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Amity Industries is a global supplier of welding and fabrication solutions. We have the facilities, equipment, staffing, quality procedures and financial strength to support the most complex requirements. We take great pride in seeing Amity products consistently selected for the most demanding applications.

Venturi & Segmental Wedge Meters
Venturi & segmental wedge Meters
Amity Flow
ASME & PED Pressure Vessels
ASME & PED Pressure vessels
Amity Fabricators
Telescopic Waterways & Fire Apparatus Swivels
Telescopic Waterways & Fire Apparatus Swivels
Amity Fire & Safety
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Our History

Started in a barn in 1973, Amity now operates three facilities in eastern Pennsylvania. Over the years, we've continued to advance and evolve our core fabrication capabilities. We are also worldwide leaders in Venturi Meters, Pressure Vessels and Fire Systems. Products that are completely engineered and manufactured in-house. From concept to delivery and support, Amity is at the forefront of U.S-based manufacturing.

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  • "Amity’s willingness to take on our most demanding welding material requirements using mixed Hastelloy and Inconel weld rods on heavy section stainless steel chamber materials has proved unsurpassed."

    Norman D. Hubele
    President & Founder, Refrac Systems
  • "Amity has invested more than just time to each job, they provide a dedication and personal touch to everything they do for us."

    Susan Harwanko
    Purchasing Manager, Solar Manufacturing, Inc.
  • "Arencibia has been working with Amity Fabricators since the beginning of 2015. Amity has been very consistent with both their scheduling and pricing, which inturn allows us to do the same with our customers."

    Grant Willman
    General Manager, Arencibia Associates Inc.


  • Amity Fabricators - an ASME code fabricator that's been our core business since 1973. We can roll, form, bend, drill, cut, burn and shear materials and build components up to 18' wide by 80' long, including assemblies weighing up to 50 tons. We supply ASME code pressure vessel fabricators and PED certified vessels.

  • Amity Fire & Safety designs and manufactures fire and safety equipment and is the world's largest producer of telescopic waterways, multi-function fire apparatus swivels, and aerial swivel elbow joints for the fire industry.

  • Amity Flow engineers and produces venturi meters from 1" to 96" with unmatched precision and repeatability. We manufacture ASME PTC-6 flow meters, ASME flow nozzles and our rugged and economical segmental e-wedge meters.

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