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Fire Apparatus

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Three Function Aerial Swivel

Three Function Aerial Swivel

  • Swivel configurations available in 4", 5", and 6" waterway diameters
  • Structural design of swivel is P.E. stamped in reference to the ASME Pressure Vessel Codes
  • Electrical assembly capable of more circuits, bundled cables for CANBus networks, analog and digital audio, and video signals.
  • Encoder mountings available
  • 5 Year Warranty

Amity Coat - Innovation at Work

  • Exclusively offered through Amity Fire and Safety on all its 3-function swivels
  • 1 mil thickness of an electroplating process of aluminum oxide
  • Improved lubrication
  • Low conductivity
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Surface hardness to 50-70 Rockwell C
  • Over three times improvement in seal life
Inside Swivel of Three Function Aerial Swivel
Hydraulic Circuit in Swivel


The swivel can have 2 to 9 hydraulic circuits. The 3-function 360 degree swivels are available with either a 4" or 5" water pass-through. The swivels can contain electrical circuits from 14 to 36 circuits. The gauge wire can range from 10GA to 16GA. Swivels can be purchased alone, with telescopic waterways or as part of a custom Aerial Water Systems Design. The 360 degree swivel can be purchased with an encoder, which allows the operator of the aerial device to know the exact position of the turntable while in use.

Electrical amperage rating of each circuit is 30amps
Hydraulic oil pressure rated at 4300psi
Water pressure rated at 400psi
Corrosion resistant nickel plated exterior
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amity swivels carry a five year warranty


Amity waterways carry a ten year warranty

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