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Venturi Meter Design & Fabrication

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Flow Meters and Tubes
Engineered and Built in Alburtis, Pennsylvania

Amity Flow has served the flow measurement industry since 1973 and built a solid reputation of fabrication expertise as well as design and technology innovations. We produce Amity Venturi Meters designed with state-of-the-art technology in order to minimize pressure loss and achieve unique wide-range metering accuracy. We have global supplier contracts with Dow Chemicals and Air Products. We were awarded a global contract with Air Products in 2010 after only two years of business. We are aligned with R.W. Miller, recognized as the industry’s leading flow engineer.

International Shipping & Support. Amity Flow has extensive experience with global and regional standards. Our client support team will be sure you get exactly what you need, delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Standard ASME, Amity Advanced Design and custom solutions. Multiple installations styles available.

33% cost savings can be achieved over ASME venturi meters. Ideal for sand-oil and dirty applications.

Flow nozzless optimized for accuracy, resistance to wear and minimal pressure loss.

Serving the flow measurement industry since 1973

In-House Engineering

All Amity Venturi Meters are designed using the Amity Computation Module within The Flow Consultant™ software. This module was developed by R.W. Miller exclusively for Amity Flow.

Our program uses customer specific line conditions, such as temperature, pressure, and fluid properties, to design the most accurate meter in their flowing conditions, line size, and materials. Every venturi tube design is specific for the customer application. The program is based on scaled equations with pre installed fluid and material properties providing repeatability.

History of Amity's Venturi Meters

We control the entire fabrication process from start to finish which allows for repeatability: our flow meter designs match our products. Our products are built to such tight tolerances, we can consistently surpass both ASME and individual design standards for results between .25% to .5%. In 2008, we formed a partnership with R.W. Miller PhD, PE, the leading industry flow engineer, to design the most efficient Venturi meters and continually push the model to create new and improved products. We have manufactured and sold Venturi tubes since 1973 under other labels, and we are in the unique position of supplying our Venturi flow meters directly to our customers.


Venturi Meter Design & Fabrication


  • "Amity’s willingness to take on our most demanding welding material requirements using mixed Hastelloy and Inconel weld rods on heavy section stainless steel chamber materials has proved unsurpassed."

    Norman H.
    Founder, Refrac Systems
  • "Amity has invested more than just time to each job, they provide a dedication and personal touch to everything they do for us."

    Susan H.
    Purchasing Manager, Solar Manufacturing, Inc.
  • "Arencibia has been working with Amity Fabricators since the beginning of 2015. Amity has been very consistent with both their scheduling and pricing, which inturn allows us to do the same with our customers."

    Grant W.
    GM, Arencibia Associates Inc.

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