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Amity offers venturi meters and tubes in standard ASME as well as our advanced Amity specifications. We can also start with your specific requirements and provide a fully custom solution, including engineering, testing and fabrication. From the most advanced applications to the most price sensitive, let us show you the Amity difference.

  • Amity

    Amity Advanced Venturi Meters

    Amity Design Venturi
    Amity Venturi Meters

    The AVM-S-F and AVM-T-F are modified Venturi meters designed to measure full pipe, clean gasses or liquids over various temperature and/or pressure ranges

    Amity Bi-Directional Venturi
    Amity Bi-Directional Venturi

    The AVM-BD-F is a Bi Directional highly accurate modified Venturi meter

    Amity Insert Venturi
    Amity Insert Venturi

    The AVM-I is an insert type venturi primary flow element and is designed to measure full pipe flows for clean gasses

  • ASME

    ASME Venturi Meters

    ASME Classical Venturi
    ASME Classical Venturi

    The AFM-V-F and AFM-V-W are ASME, ISO-5167 conventional or classical Venturi meters designed to measure full pipe, clean gasses or liquids

  • Custom

    Custom Venturi Design, Testing and Fabrication

    Custom venturi meter design is available employing our proprietary Computational Module, developed with R.W. Miller.

Venturi Flow Meters

History of Amity's Venturi Meters

We control the entire fabrication process from start to finish which allows for repeatability: our flow meter designs match our products. Our products are built to such tight tolerances, we can consistently surpass both ASME and individual design standards for results between .25% to .5%. In 2008, we formed a partnership with R.W. Miller PhD, PE, the leading industry flow engineer, to design the most efficient Venturi meters and continually push the model to create new and improved products. We have manufactured and sold Venturi tubes since 1973 under other labels, and we are in the unique position of supplying our Venturi flow meters directly to our customers.



The first new Venturi meter design in 30 years. New designs for eccentric and bi-directional meters.


Typically .25% to .50% of actual flow, which leads low pressure loss.


Industry leader in consistent uncalibrated results

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Amity Venturi Meters and Tubes

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