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Wedge Meter

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Segmental Wedge Meter

Amity Flow manufactures standard segmental wedge type meters. In line sizes from 1” through 24” and larger, the Wedge Type Flow Meter is a differential producer in design. It is generally applied in air entrained liquid, particulate entrained, high viscosity or slurry type, in difficult-to-meter line fluids.

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Segmental Wedge Meter
Wedge Type Flow Meter

Eccentric Wedge Meters “E-wedge”

The Eccentric Wedge style meter has been designed and manufactured by Amity Flow to replace expensive standard ASME Venturi meters and eccentric Venturi meters used for sand-oil or dirty fluid applications. These eccentric wedge meters, or e-wedge meters, are designed with improved cladding ability, similar overall pressure loss, and improved accuracy.

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Worker Standing By Segmental Wedge Meter

E-Wedge Venturi vs. Eccentric Venturi or
ASME Standard Venturies

Discharge coefficients constant over a wider Reynolds number range than eccentric or standard Venturies
The uncalibrated accuracy is expected to improve with additional data obtained with laser segmental area measurement equipment now being developed
Cladding and improved favorable pressure boundary layer control should extend meter life.
Overall pressure loss same as an equivalent beta ratio ASME Venturi
Accuracy ± 1.5 %
Substantially lower cost by 1/3 over a standard ASME Venturi
Overall length is considerably less resulting in lower weight

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